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“Invitation to Dance - It’s a Dance. And sometimes they turn the lights off in this ballroom. But we’ll dance anyway, you and I. Even in the Dark. Especially in the Dark. May I have the pleasure?” --- Stephen King ::::::::::: MY CRITERIA FOR DISCUSSION ENCOMPASSES THE HORROR GENRE AND BEYOND, SO I USE THE TERM "NIGHTMARE MOVIES". SPOILERS CAN OCCUR WITH OR WITHOUT WARNING. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.


February 24th 2012 05:02
Tom Six
Horrorphile: What horror movie has had the biggest impact on you? Was it a movie you saw when you were young that made you desire to be a filmmaker, or has it been something more recently that really impressed the hell out of you?

Tom: Salo is the sickest most disturbing film ever made. It is not labeled as an horror film but for me it is. WOW!

H: Your direction is elegant and assured, despite the exploitative essence of the subject matter, tell me a little about your background in filmmaking; any formal training, or many short films? Which directors do you admire the most?

T: I did a short film course in New York for fun. I believe filmmaking is an art form and you can not learn to be an artist. When I was an embryo I already knew I wanted to be a filmmaker. Directors I truly admire are Pasolini, Lars von Trier, David Cronenberg and Marco Ferreri.

H: What are your thoughts on the current – and ironic – situation contemporary horror filmmakers find themselves in with the demand and support of horror fans to push the boundaries of visceral horror, yet finding the neo-conservatism constraints of censorship and the commercial restraints of studios demanding “PG-13” cuts for a wider audience.

T: I am very dual about censorship. For me it is fun to battle against them with full force on the other-hand I hate it when they cut my films. It is like if I made a comedy and they take all the good jokes. I say stop censoring and let people decide for themselves wether to see a movie or not.

H: Do you think there are taboos in cinema that shouldn’t be broken? Are there any movies you’ve seen where you felt the director had gone too far?

T: No art can never go too far, as long as it is all fake and you don't hurt living things for real. I love it when filmmaker have the balls to cross boundaries! Rock'n'roll.
The Human Centipede II (full sequence)

H: The visual styles of The Human Centipede (first sequence) and The Human Centipede II (full sequence) are worlds apart, yet they are both infused with a decidedly black sense of humor, ultimately, they are also more suggestive than overtly explicit. Did you have specific designs for both movies?

T: Black humor is my way of thinking so I never write humor intentionally into my scripts. It's just there. And I am more attracted by perverse psychological stuff then to body parts flying around.

H: Tell me about the decision to switch from color to black and white for Human Centipede II. Many people missed the perverse comic element of the defecation scene having small splashes (if you’ll excuse the pun) of color … Any chance you’ll ever release a full-color version?

T: Part 1 has clinical colors and is shot with steady cams. For part 2 I wanted to do the opposite make a dirty, dark, black and white film shot handheld. I am very happy if people notice the brown splatters. It's my ode to schindlers list's little red coat! Maybe in 50 years we release the colored version who knows!
Tom Six and his dogs
H: Are you able to tell me much about the third movie? Will (final sequence) be a different style once again? The ante was upped from the first to the second in terms of nightmarish intensity, surely the third will be upped even further …?

T: Yes sir. The third will be American style. Big, loud, perverse and extreme in a different way. Part 1 is psychological. Part 2 is gore, and Part 3 is going to be 100% politically incorrect.

H: I can't wait!


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Comment by Mountain Fog

February 24th 2012 05:30
Good interview Bryn,

and I loved the last photo!

I owned pugs myself, it takes special people to love them so my vet said anyway.

Anyhoo, the last image you put up shows a doggie "pugapede" nice touch, hehe!



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